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Interview with T'ann Marie

Which do you prefer more, being an author or publisher?

TM: Both. I love creating my own magic, but I also take huge pride in being able to help the next hungry author chase their dreams. It warms my heart watching my authors hit higher levels in their career.

What got you into writing?

TM: Uhm, I've always had a deep love for Urban Fiction, but I'd never dreamed of writing it. I was a beautician, but life really happens. I had a major shift in my health that killed my celebrity hairstylist dream. So I had to regroup, pray & find another passion. GOD lead me here.

Name your favorite book not written by you?

TM: B-More Careful & Bad Girlz both by Shannon Holmes and Bitch Series by Deja King.

Give us the title of your favorite book you have written?

TM: A Real Nigga's Paradise

If you could tell your younger writing self anything , what would it be?

TM: Keep going no matter how much you feel you're unnoticed.

What has writing taught you about yourself?

TM: You can still make it in life as long as you have a brain. Ph