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Happy National Coloring Day!

On September 14, Hopeful Heartbreakers Literary Donations & Charities had the honor of donating to a First Grade class in Dallas, TX. It was important for us to donate coloring books for a few reasons:

  1. Look at these books! Aren't they beautiful? I loved how they were representative of diverse populations. I don't remember ever seeing coloring books with Black people on the cover when I was growing up. That's a big deal! The more our babies see themselves in literature, the greater their sense of belonging becomes. Representation is so important for our babies, and it's a part of our mission as a non-profit to not only highlight and promote African American books for adults; we also want to be able to do that for the babies too.

  2. Coloring is therapeutic. Coloring has been proven to improve fine motor skills, which is necessary for learning how to write, it helps improves focus and minimizes symptoms related to anxiety, and last but not least, coloring encourages children to become more creative.

So with those, benefits, of course we were gonna participate in National Coloring Day. Listen, when I tell you, those babies were so well-mannered. They quietly walked out of their class and once Rahel explained they were receiving coloring books and crayons for National Coloring Day, they were so excited. It's always so touching to see the excitement on the babies' faces when they get to receive something they weren't expecting.

Our mascot, Sasha Rae, helped us pass out the goodies, and the students were excited to go back to their classroom to color. I can't wait to go back and see them again💜

Soooooo, my favorite holiday is approachinggggggg!!

You know we have to show out for Halloween, right? I'm so excited for our October literary donation. Hopeful Heartbreakers will be taking over Halloween for Book or Treat! I know, I know, the kids may not be too excited to receive books for Halloween, but you know what? That's what they're getting. We'll make it worth their while...we'll throw in some candy too.

As always, we want to thank y'all, our supporters, for encouraging us to keep going. We want to sent a special heartfelt thank you to Dr. Blanca Sanchez-McGee and Portia Shaw for your donations for the National Coloring Day event! Your generosity NEVER goes unnoticed.

If you're reading this, and you'd like to donate books, please send an email to or DM us on Facebook.

If you'd like to send a monetary donation, please see our PayPal and Cashapp info below.

We love y'all! Thank you!

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