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"Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting"

It’s that time for a nonprofit update! I feel like we’ve been moving a mile a minute these days with the holiday.

Since November was National Homelessness Youth Awareness Month, we wanted to be able to donate books to this population. We decided to donate to Arlington Life Shelter in Arlington, Texas. This experience was much different from all the other events we’ve had. Due to the nature of this population, we couldn’t take pictures inside the facility. It truly broke my heart to see the playroom and playground for all the kids in that homeless shelter. I mean, I’m happy they have the space; I’m just a bit heartbroken that there are that many kids in the shelter to have their own designated space. I decided that day that Hopeful Heartbreakers is going to sponsor something special for them… more info coming soon.

Although that donation project wasn’t as upbeat as the others, I was happy that HHBLD&C was able to give 65 books.

At the end of November, HHBLD&C participated in Giving Tuesday for the first time! As always, THANK YOU so much to our donors who are always so kind, giving, and gracious. You will NEVER go unnoticed. Special shout outs go to Tisha Andrews, Kaylyn Kiara, Jae Chary, K Nicole Hampton, Karen Evans-Carmichael, Dr. Blanca Sanchez-McGee, Dena Jackson, and Melvina Locue-Wilson. We appreciate you guys so much!

I honestly can’t believe it’s December already. I feel like 2022 just started.

This past weekend, I was so excited that we were able to donate to the Youth + Education = Success (YES) Conference. The YES Conference is an opportunity for young ladies to gain knowledge through public speakers, learning workshops, and engaging dialogue. The event was hosted by educators in Grand Prairie ISD. It was such a nice event, and I was elated that we were able to donate 120 journals to the young ladies. We chose to donate journals because for teens especially, journaling allows people to get their thoughts down in a safe place, if their physical space doesn’t feel safe for them. Giving kids a voice, whether out loud or on paper, is very important.

We typically only do one event per month, but it’s Christmas! And although I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas...

It's the season of giving, and we wanted to be able to donate to the babies in the hospitals who may not be feeling joy this season. We haven’t identified the specific hospital yet but stay tuned!

We're always open to receive donations! Please inbox us if you'd like to donate books! See below for info on how to make a monetary donation

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