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Book Review on When a Bad Boy Steals Your Heart by Phoenix Rae

In my opinion, the key components of a good book are drama and romance with a splash of ratchetness. When a Bad Boy Steals Your Heart embodies those components and Phoenix Rae executes it perfectly. In this story we’re introduced to Harlee, Alayna, Nash, and Remi. Harlee and Alayna are best friends and Nash, and Remi are cousins. Their worlds are intertwined, in more ways than one, and when this story reaches its climax, I wasn't sure whether if I wanted to encourage the characters to be together, or let the drama play out because the plot was just that juicy. "Before I could respond back to him, I heard a gun cock causing my head to turn."

Harlee is your typical party girl. If there's a party and drinks, sis will be there. Her relationship with her boyfriend, Rico, doesn't stop her turn up. Mainly because he's always "doing him". His inability to keep his girl happy pushes her right in the arms of Nash. Nash is that nigga. He's young, wild, and reckless. Married to the streets and sleeping with any woman he pleases, but something about Harlee has him choosing. There are a few problems that come with dealing with Harlee though, mainly her resistance on breaking up with Rico. But why should she give up her sure thing when her and Nash are just fucking? "Aye, I'm not yo sucka ass nigga Harlee. I done told you watch how the fuck you speak to me. You ain't my bitch and I don't need my dick drained, so we ain't got shit to talk about."

Alayna is fresh out of a break-up, focusing on herself and expanding her career as a successful nail tech. Her past relationship and trauma has her heart guarded, but there was something about Remi that had her reconsidering the single life. "Remington Ross was fine, and the worst part was he knew it." Remi is the more stable one of the cousins. Leaving the streets behind after having his daughter, Hazel, he focuses only on the club he and his cousin owns, Infinity. Because of Remi's baby momma, Tisha, he'd swore of any future relationships. He's aware of the connection between him and Alayna, but he's put her in the friend zone, indefinitely. "I put my hands up. ‘We're good Remington. I understood it was just sex and that's what we both wanted. Don't worry.' He gave me a hesitant look before bobbing his head and then letting me go."

This book was good, like really good! There was drama from the first chapter to the last. "I told yo ass next time you act up at my parent's house I'm slidin' yo ass!" Even though this story is not a love story, there were some heartfelt moments, along with some scenes that almost garnered a tear or two. This book does end on a cliffhanger, so if that isn't your thing you may want to wait until it's completed, but I'm telling you, this book is so good you may want to reconsider waiting. Phoenix Rae wowed me with her debut release, and I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeves.

Disclaimer: This book currently does not have a release date. I was gifted an ARC by the author for an honest review.

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