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Book Review on the Protoype Series by Jacinta Howard

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

I want to start off by saying that Jacinta Howard has been added to my "Favorite Authors" list. This series embodied EVERY definition of love. I probably felt all 27 emotions while reading these books. These four books are a series, but can be read as stand-alones. I'm sure, after you start reading you'll definitely want to complete the series. It's as if the next book in the series is in competition with the book before it. The more I read, the more I fall in love. If you haven't read this series, I advise you do and report back here and let us know what you think.

Happiness in Jersey (Book 1)

In my opinion, there is nothing more endearing than a man loving a woman through her brokenness. "I believe God is love. And God created everything. So love is innately in all of us, thereby making love an inevitable part of life."

In book one of this series, Zay and Jersey find love at the most unconventional time. Jersey, a troubled girl, with a colorful past. Zay, a handsome guy with beautiful gray eyes, has everything that Jersey never knew she needed. That's my summary of what these two have going on. It's kind of hard to read about a love so strong and visualize one character always running away. Especially when you can literally feel the energy they create emanating off of the pages. "Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. Relationships with other people are what make life, life. The in between stuff? That's really the best part."

I'll be the first to admit, Jersey pissed me off thoroughly throughout the entire read, but not enough to make me quit reading (lol). If you ever need an example of love conquers all, this is the perfect read for you. "'With you time is everything," he said, reading it aloud. "With you time is nothing. To my inevitable love, forever and always."


Kennedy and Travis's initial interaction was definitely not my definition of love at first sight, but there was definitely chemistry there. I will say, it's kind of hard to be attracted to a guy you think broke in to your grandma's house to kill you, but their meeting will definitely make for an interesting story to tell their grandkids.

Kennedy and Travis both came with a lot of baggage initially. On top of that they tried to deny their connection. But when it's meant to be, no matter how much you avoid it, it will be. ""I know what I want. I know what's real. And the way I feel you... it's some soul altering, I feel you in my bones, type shit, Kennedy.' He stepped closer. 'I don't wanna play around with this, with letting you know where my head is when it comes to you. I'm here. I'm all in.'"