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Book Review on The Culmination of Everything Book by Christina C. Jones

The more books I read by this author, the more I fall in love with her. The Culmination of Everything was literally EVERYTHING! Love stories that start off unconventionally are starting to be my favorite and that's exactly how this story starts off.

In this story we meet Ben and Kyle. Kyle, a doctor who's looking to gain clarity on her life, goes hiking up Sugar Valley mountain and has a brush with death. Ben, who is a park ranger, saves her life. Ben perceives Kyle as a not so smart individual, mainly because she keeps almost killing herself hiking in the mountains. Kyle perceives Ben as an asshole, mainly because he isn't very friendly and always has the snarkiest comments. "Careful not to overdo it... wouldn't want you to take another spill." "Don't want to have to rescue you again."

But after another brush with death, and a little pep talk with her sister, Kyle is forced to admit that her and Ben's chemistry is undeniable. "I want you to fuck me." Now this isn't your traditional "make love to me" romp. "Because I want to make it clear... this is just sex. When you leave this bed, I'm not your boyfriend, your secret bae, none of that." But even in the fiction world, no one can just have sex and not get their feelings involved.

Kyle and Ben do this love/hate thing throughout the majority of the book. I personally think it makes their sex life more interesting. But as they learn more about each other's past, they (along with us) get a clearer understanding of why they both act the way they act. "I'm just happy he's feeling something. Even if you're just having good sex and getting on each other's damn nerves - I'm sorry,"

In the end, love prevails. Kyle and Ben can no longer keep their feelings under wraps. They've both been through so much and have denied themselves love for so long, that their connection can make even the hardest reader a softy. "I'm relentless, which can be a pretty major flaw. Once I decide I'm doing something, or want something, even if I know it's a bad idea... I can't stop myself. I'm doing it. I'm getting it. I'm going in to the burning building. I'm getting the clumsy ass girl who fell off the mountain."

Kyle and Ben's story doesn't end here. Part 2 to their story is titled The Point of It All and is available on Amazon. Stay tuned for my review.

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