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Book Review on Solace: The Safest Place for a Lonely Heart by ASH LEY

Jesabel is a woman that wanted nothing more than for her relationship to work. No matter how many times she caught Henry cheating, in the back of her mind, she always thought he would get it together. Until one day, Henry does something that Jesabel refuses to overlook. "You're pregnant, and he's just wasting his life away. I thought that you would've been a woman that would've helped keep him on a good path, but it seems like you're right beside him as he continues on the wrong road." Making the best decision she’s ever made, leaving Henry behind. With a fresh start and a new outlook on life, Jesabel is feeling better than ever, ready for whatever life brings her way. "I was happy with where I currently was in life and I was thankful for everything that I had, but sometimes, I often wondered what else was out there for me."

After a near death experience, Jesabel happens upon Justice, her sexy hero. "The natural rasp in an otherwise deep baritone was so soothing, I had no choice but to see who it belonged to. And when I did, I couldn't look away from the specimen before me. From the full lips that spoke the words, up to the warm brown eyes that held so much concern, I took him all in. More than appreciating the sight." Jesabel appears to have found the perfect man. But as the story goes on and the plot unfolds, Jesabel finds out who Justice really is, and things get tricky to say the very least. "I always thought you were God answering my silent prayers. Because for a long time, it felt like I wasn't meant to be any happier that what I was a few months ago. You came along and that changed. You knew me so well and were so understanding. I was telling you about my past, my fears, and everything else. And I really thought you'd protect me like you said, but you didn't. You just hurt me like..."

I'm not well-versed on this author's catalog, but this book made for a very interesting read. It almost read like a Lifetime movie. This was a contemporary romance read with a splash of drama. It was different from my typical reads, which was refreshing. The daughter in this book, Yana, was very spunky and added a bit of comedic effect to the read. I'm excited to read more by this author.

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