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Book Review on Property of a Savage by Jessica Watkins

Something I learned while interviewing Jessica is that all her books take place in Chicago. I knew she was from Chicago but the way she describes the scenes so vividly, I felt like I was watching a movie.

The book starts off with a then 10-year-old Tempest Murphy caught in a house fire that caused the death of her father and left her with third- and fourth-degree burns. Although beautiful, Tempest doesn't think she is, referring to herself as The Beast. Her slimy fiancé, Derrick, ends their engagement because his superficial ass couldn't look past Tempest's skin not being flawless.

Then there's Damien Coleman. Gone add him to your list of book baes ya'll. Dame is a stand-up dude. He hustles, gotta bird for a baby mama and three kids he loves dearly.

One night, Tempest decides to go out and calls an Uber, she accidentally selects Uber pool and Dame gets in the car. Both happen to end up at the same club and the sparks fly.

In the club, Dame needs Tempest to play as his girlfriend because his baby mama's there. In return, Tempest needs him to play as her fiancé so she can get her hands on her inheritance money.

What starts off as a marriage strictly for convenience, turns out to be one of love. Unconventional, but still, it's their beautiful love story. Dame speaks so much love into Tempest, which is exactly what she needs. “You’re the most educated woman I have ever met, and it's not just the textbook education that I am impressed with. Despite you having gone to a college out of state and gotten a master’s, you still have a street sense and hustle that makes my dick hard as fuck. You aren’t some weak chick...."

This was a 5-star read for me. It definitely held my attention from the first page and as I previously stated, Jessica wrote it in a way that felt like I was watching a movie.

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