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Book review on Promise To Keep it Trill by B Love

If any man reads this, please listen to me… Stop telling your boy to watch over your girl while you’re away.

Now that I got that out of my system, I can get on with my review. This was my first urban read by B. Love and it was great. This one tells the story about three friends that have undying loyalty for one another. Jason, Kannon and Makayla vow to always keep it trill with each other even if it means missing out on what the heart might truly want.

Makayla and Jason are in love but that’s interrupted when he decides to turn himself in so Makayla nor Kannon have to ever do time. He asks Kannon to protect Makayla while he’s locked up. Should be easy, right?! Wrong. The more they’re around each other, the more the best friends realize the love sparking between them.

The duo brush off the feelings of being disloyal to Jason and explore what could be.

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