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Book Review on Money Devils 1: A Cartel Novel

Urban Lit's favorite literary duo is back and they definitely did not disappoint. In this book we have some of A&J's older characters mixed in with some new characters and it made for a very interesting mix. Myself, and I'm sure some of you, were wondering how they would resurrect this series, mainly because the majority of the characters are dead. A&J pulled a fast one on us with The Cartel 2, but they didn't resurrect any fallen soldiers in this installment.

In this story we meet the LaCroix sisters, Sutton, Luna, Honor and Ashton. I won't give any spoilers, just know their family tree is imperative to the story line. These sisters appear to be prominent business women, and they are, but they are also so much more. Con-artists is the best words to describe them. "Plant the mouse then sell the trap." They've been conning for years, but this con has some beautiful distractions that knock these sisters off their game.

We also meet the Sinclair brothers, West and August. These aren't your traditional brothers. They aren't related by blood, but blood couldn't make them any closer. West is the more calculated and laid back brother, but that doesn't take away from August, he's just as much a boss as West. When tragedy strikes their family I'm not sure if their brotherly bond can stay in tact. "Expect everything, lose nothing."

Mix these sisters with these brothers and you get one hell of a story. Lines are crossed, emotions are high and I'm not sure who will come out on top. "The devil had a way of forming himself in the thing one loved the most." The ending of the story is what has me shook the most. I will be definitely be tuned in for the next installment. We've waited years to get back to this series and honestly, it was worth the wait.