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Book Review on Faulty Fallon by A. Monique

Faulty Fallon was the perfect title for this read. Fallon was definitely faulty, and her shenanigans were entertaining to read about. This book was story filled with bad decisions and ratchetness. But readers shouldn't count Fallon out, life comes at her fast, but the good thing is she receives all the life lessons that her mistakes are meant to teach her. " The old saying goes, 'When life throws you lemons, you should make lemonade.' Well, I say, fuck life and its lemons. I laugh to myself as I think, at this point, I'm ready to throw those bitches back!"

Fallon is a young woman trying to live her best life. But her best life did not include her best decisions. When Fallon discovers her boyfriend, Kiyan, has cheated on her, Fallon decides to have a hot girl summer. Instead of sitting around being sad and depressed about the love she feels she's lost, she decides to turn things up a notch. But the summer isn't the only thing that's scorching up the streets. "I read the message and closed the app on my phone. I wasn't replying to anything at the moment because look baby, I was on the block shooting dice with my homegirls." Life has a funny way of giving you what you need when you least expect it. Things in Fallon's life take a turn, possibly for the worst depending on who you ask, making her reevaluate her life and all her bad decisions.

This was this author's first book and I feel like she did a great job. Fallon and all her bad decision making kept my interest piqued throughout the entire read. This book is a standalone, so if you decide to check it out there is no wait needed. Once I was done reading this book, Fallon had me trying to reevaluate my younger years to assess if I was just as wild and reckless as her.

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