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Book Review on Butterfly 2 by Ashley Antoinette

Butterfly 2 has to be urban fiction's most anticipated release this summer. There isn't a conversation happening without this series or these characters being mentioned and that speaks volumes of Ashley's work. These characters initially appear in her Ethic series and if you haven't at least heard of it, you have to be living under a rock.

This sequel picks right back up where book one left off with Morgan Atkins' sordid love affair. Sis isn't in a love triangle but rather a love box with three suitors vying for her attention. "Three men loved her. Why couldn't she find it in her to love herself?" Messiah, Ahmeek and Sebastian all filled some kind of void in Morgan's life. The old adage "boring versus butterflies" is very much prevalent in Morgan's decisions on who she should be with.

Messiah has hurt Morgan in more ways than one. As a damaged soul that was never supposed to experience love, he could never truly understand how love should be conveyed. But one thing that can never be questioned is his utter love for Morgan Atkins. "No one made her heart race like Messiah Williams. She couldn't ever take that away from him. He lit her soul on fire." Because Messiah went missing for 2 years he's missed so much in everyone's life, especially Morgan's. But he doesn't let that stop his quest to getting his one true love back. I'll be the first to say that Messiah is an imperfect character, but that's what made most of his fans fall in love with him. In this installment I feel his mistakes were amplified to make the readers see how much of a loose cannon he really is. Hopefully he'll get it together by the end of the series so he can get his "Shorty Doo Wop" back.

Ahmeek appears to be the perfect thug gentleman. But is there such a thing as perfect? Even Morgan has to question it. "Ahmeek would feel good until one day he didn't , and Morgan couldn't put all her eggs in his basket." That basket would grow weak and when it broke she didn't want her soul cracked." Meek is exactly what the doctor ordered for Morgan, he's compassionate and giving, always putting her needs in front of his. Everything Messiah didn't do, he does. But will that ever be enough for her? Even though Ahmeek's character holds his own, he is constantly living in Messiah's shadow. "You got a bad habit of comparing me to niggas, Mo." Hurt people hurt people. I personally feel this relationship was doomed from the very start, but those damn butterflies keep Morgan chasing the high.

Sebastian is the perfect "good on paper" guy. To sum it up, he's safe."Bash had been consistent for two years. He had stood by her through the birth of her babies that didn't belong to him, claimed them, supported them." Bash was the polar opposite from Messiah and Ahmeek, which is what Morgan felt she needed to help her get over Messiah, but that just wasn't enough. "She was doing a bid with Bash. A lifetime sentence. His wife to be. She was betrothed to him and she couldn't figure out how to escape." Her disloyalty to Bash provoked him to do things that, quite frankly, I never imagined he would do. I won't spoil it for you guys but I will say, reading certain parts about him gave me a sense of deja vu.

"You don't know who you are. Are you his Shorty? My love? Your fiance's future wife? Who are you? Without niggas telling you who they want to turn you into?" This one quote pretty much sums it up. No matter who she ends up with, I'm rooting for Morgan Jacqueline Atkins. You guys don't need me to tell you there's another installment, so stay tuned.