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Book Review on A Girl Like Me by Tay Mo'Nae


A Girl Like Me is an emotional read penned by Tay Mo'nae. It's a story about two characters that seem to have been dealt shitty hands in life, and instead of being defeated, they press on and find comfort in each other's arms. This is a very different read from what the author typically pens, but the happily ever after is still there.  "The journey between us was a long one and we were finally on even ground, building a life together."


Ne'a is a chick with more problems than I care to count. Mentally and emotionally, she's been through a lot. "There's so much about me you don't know. I have a lot of demons. My hurt runs deep." Her family drama is something she nor readers can wrap their mind around, but it's become her normal. That paired with her terrible taste in men, has depleted her self-esteem and leaves her eager to seek validation in others. "He didn't really miss much, I'm an unemployed hot mess who has abandonment and codependency issues. I've never had a solid relationship that I didn't ruin and everyone gets tired of me eventually. Yeah he missed out on something great."


Zane is literally the perfect man. Handsome, fine, and has a nice job. But even in his perfection, his wife, Zoe, still decided to cheat on him. He's found piecing together his life after her and ends up returning to his hometown, which is where he meets Ne'a. His impending divorce keeps him from looking for anything serious, but there's something about Ne'a that makes him want to give her the love she so desperately needs. "I know you got your reservations, but this ain't no hero complex shit. I got legit feelings for her."


Whew... Emotional may be understatement when describing this book. I felt so bad for Ne'a. Childhood trauma, self-esteem issues, family issues... I could go on and on about the amount of stuff this character went through. Thankfully, she had a best friend, Kaia, that believed in her and never allowed her to be too hard on herself. When she met Zane, it was as if God (or at least the creator of this book) placed him in her life because he knew it was exactly what she needed. Healing was the overall theme of this book, and a different look for Tay Mo'nae. Way to go for stepping outside of your comfort zone!

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