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Author Spotlight on Genesis Carter

Genesis Carter was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Having been an avid reader for all of her life, her love for writing didn't manifest until the age of 11. She became a self-published author 7 years ago and then joined a publishing company Na'Kia Presents a year later. Currently, she has 21 published titles under her belt.

Today, she along with her husband, and two children currently live in Dallas, TX. Where she is currently working on completing her degree in Creative Writing with a Concentration in English at SNHU. She loves to read and write books in all genres and credits; J.K Rowling, Eric Jerome Dickey, Philippa Gregory, and E. Lynn Harris as being some of her favorite authors.


1. How long have you been a writer? I started writing when I was 11 years old. When did you start? I became published 7 years ago.

2. What is the most difficult part of your writing process? I think the most difficult part is not getting discouraged and being too self-critical. I am definitely my own worst critic.

3. How many books have you written and which is your favorite? I have published 21 books. I don't have a favorite book but I do have a favorite character which is Lux Alexander from the Sweet Remedy series.

4. What characters in your book are most similar to you or to people you know? The one character that I've written that is most like me is going to be Kano from the Kano and Montana series. If I were a boy, I would be Kano.

5. If you could meet your characters, what would you say to them? That they stress me and need to get out of my head. Even when I'm finished with a series, I'm never finished with a character which is why my characters all seem to know each other personally and pop up in each other's books.

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