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Author Spotlight ft. Kema B.


1. What would you say is your strength as a writer?

Creating dope Black characters is number one. Not just the leads like Isis, Freedom and Sosa but the supporting characters, friends and families that also stick with you. I owe that to Character development. It’s an important part of my process which I think shows in my work. Also my attention to detail and ability to put love and pieces of me in every Black Romance I write. Giving each one my signature magic: pinch of reality, dash of sass and ounce of filth to check every box.

2. What part of your writing process is the hardest?

The last 10-15k before those blessed words: The End. Growing up I never finished my stories because just like readers I don’t want to see my characters go, so I would just start a whole new one. As a published author I had to break out of that bad habit but that anxiety is still there. I had to find tips and tricks to push myself when I feel stuck such as writing out of order or writing the epilogue and that’s helped tremendously.

3. Which of your books did you find difficult to write?

The Goddess of My Heart by a landslide and by difficult I mean my problematic faves Nas and Venus stressed me out! I get cursed out about that book all the time because those two just couldn’t get it together and it’s probably my most polarizing book. They either love Nas and hate Venus or vice versa but there are some like me who’s #TeamThem. I appreciate y’all for real lol.

4. Which characters do you relate with easily? Why?

Stacia from Heatwaves since she’s an exaggerated version of me. India from What You’ve Been Missing because she’s just such a dope soul who gives her all to everything and everyone and expects the same in return and didn’t let her past mistakes define her or make her jaded. Nas from The Goddess of My Heart because the old me was very black & white (still am to a point) and forgiveness is hard for me. I always say God Forgives, The Kid does not. I’m working on that though.

5. Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

On Facebook as Author Kema. Mostly in my group: or my other fave groups like HHB. Twitter is where I spend most of my time interacting and shooting the breeze so follow my silly self there: As for my books I’ve written 9 to date plus one anthology. They’re all available for your reading pleasure in ebook, paperback and a few titles have hardcover options on Amazon: I also do signed paperbacks when I have them on hand or through preorders. To keep up with all things Kema B. Be sure to sign up to my newsletter:

Thank you so much for taking time to get to know more about me. - xoxox Kema B.

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