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5 Reasons Why Bullet from The Hooder the Thug the Better the Love Should be on Your Book Bae List

5 Reasons why Bullet should be on your Book Bae Monday List

In The Hooder the Thug the Better the Love series, Trigga is the main character. Typically, this would be the book bae of the novel. But Bullet, his feisty younger brother stole the show. For me, he was the true definition of a book bae. Here are 5 reasons why.

1.) “Bullet was fine—as far as his chiseled and tatted body went—but his face was pretty, with his flawless and buttercream complexioned skin, neat brows, and long lashes..”

Don’t he just sound fine? I know that looks aren’t everything, but a book bae has to be easy on the eyes, right?

2.) There’s no way to sugar coat it. Bullet was a hoe before he got serious with his precious Ming. When asked how he got a name like Bullet, he quickly responded, “Because my dick busts through these bitches’ guts like bullets.” Perfect response. What I loved most about this, though, was the fact that Bullet was probably the cockiest fool in the book. He could bust down whoever he wanted, whenever he wanted—even a chick who was way too old for him to be messing with. But when it came down to his Ming, homeboy was ready to settle down quick. I love when a man hoe settles down for his one. Definite book bae.

3.) So, you know that chick who was too old to be messing with him? The one I mentioned earler? Well, they had been messing around for a while and conceived a daughter. Because Bullet was so young, too young, this chick, Shonta, didn’t tell him her daughter was his and had another man raising her. Well, when my baby daddy, Bullet, found out, he wasn’t having it. He demanded that he get to know and raise his child. I love a man who takes care of his responsibilities.

“That’s my daughter, and I’m not letting another nigga take care of her.”

4.) As a youngin’, Bullet kinda played around. He didn’t really have his stuff together—like most youngins. But as he got older and realized that he had to provide for his children, he encouraged his Ming to go to college, and “he opened his own beauty bar that catered to all needs. He also had a barbershop, salon, and spa for facials and waxing.” Yup, bae was a whole businessman out here.

5.) Through all of the trials and tribulations he went through with Ming, he was able to convince her that they should be together. He worked to get her. He didn’t let another man come in between what they had. He wanted to live with his woman and his daughter. And in the end, his love, persistence, and dedication got him what he wanted.

That’s all we women want, right? A man with some edge, but sensitive. One who takes care of his kids, works hard for his money, will go to war for you, and at the end of the day, do what needs to be done to get and keep you. That’s what Bullet did and that’s why he’s bae. If you want to read about Bullet and Trigga in detail, read The Hooder the Thug, the Better the Love by Antoinette Sherell

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