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5 Reasons to Read Who Do You Love by Genesis Woods

I recently read Who Do You love by Genesis Woods and I was a little impressed with the storyline. I've compiled five reasons why you should read this story, hopefully you'll be as impressed as me.

  1. Friends to Lovers Trope - If you're in to the friends to lovers trope, this is the book for you. I never tire of reading of this trope. It's something about two friends that have been there for each other all along finally realizing they are made for each other.

2. The main female character is a BBW - Slender or coke bottle shaped women are predominately what I read about. It was a refreshing change of pace to read about a plus sized woman.

3. The uniqueness of the main characters' occupation - The female lead and one of the male leads were choreographers. The other male lead was a singer. I thought both occupations were pretty dope.

4. Scandal - Who doesn't love a good scandal in their read? When I reached the climax of this story I was in disbelief. Secrets were revealed and left me with my mouth hanging open.

5. Freaky sex - O