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5 Reasons to Read the Pretty Girls Get Down with the Gangstas Series by DeeAnn

This month I had the pleasure of reading the Pretty Girls Get Down with the Gangstas series by DeeAnn and I was knocked out of my socks. For one, I didn't know DeeAnn wrote urban fiction. Secondly, I was not expecting this sweet lady that writes the cute romance stories to be able to pen a series so gangsta. I enjoyed this series so much that I came up with 5 reasons EVERYONE should read this series. Keep scrolling so I can persuade you.

1. One of the main female characters is a boxer

Drew was a boxer and a gangsta. This is only the second book where I've seen a female character with this unique career. It was very interesting to read about her tearing up a punching bag when she was mad, or things were out of her control.


2. A pair of sexy brothers

This book didn't have one book bae, it had two. Chas and Chan were both sexy in their own rights. While reading, I found myself battling internally on which brother to choose. By the end of the book, I settled on both. Don't judge me!


3. Family War

The Rolands and the Sanders had a long-standing beef, so long, it almost lasted two generations. The familial war is honestly what made this book so good to me. There was non-stop action the entire read!


4. Splash of Romance