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5 Reasons to Read the Pretty Girls Get Down with the Gangstas Series by DeeAnn

This month I had the pleasure of reading the Pretty Girls Get Down with the Gangstas series by DeeAnn and I was knocked out of my socks. For one, I didn't know DeeAnn wrote urban fiction. Secondly, I was not expecting this sweet lady that writes the cute romance stories to be able to pen a series so gangsta. I enjoyed this series so much that I came up with 5 reasons EVERYONE should read this series. Keep scrolling so I can persuade you.

1. One of the main female characters is a boxer

Drew was a boxer and a gangsta. This is only the second book where I've seen a female character with this unique career. It was very interesting to read about her tearing up a punching bag when she was mad, or things were out of her control.


2. A pair of sexy brothers

This book didn't have one book bae, it had two. Chas and Chan were both sexy in their own rights. While reading, I found myself battling internally on which brother to choose. By the end of the book, I settled on both. Don't judge me!


3. Family War

The Rolands and the Sanders had a long-standing beef, so long, it almost lasted two generations. The familial war is honestly what made this book so good to me. There was non-stop action the entire read!


4. Splash of Romance

Even though this book was gangsta, it still had that romance aspect. I don't know about y'all, but I love when characters fall in love. I got to read about pistols popping, but I got to read about coochies popping as well.


5. People die

There is no better feeling than reading about an urban fiction character’s death. This series didn't just kill one or two characters, it killed a few. DeeAnn wasn't afraid to pen a gory death scene either, some characters were even tortured before they died. Again, I wasn't expecting this from the sweet lil' lady that pens the cute lil' romance books.


If any of these reasons persuaded you to pick up this series, I've included the links to all three books. If you check them out, feel free to let me know if you enjoyed this series just as much as me.

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